Meta-Brain Labs (MLB) Member Enrollment Agreement


This MBL Enrollment Agreement & Terms of Use is provided to MBL Cohort, Chatbot Session, and Private  Session Enrollees (“Members”) and the MBL Terms of Use, which remain in full force and effect. MBL Sessions offer a series of paid messaging and telehealth services to assist in the assessment and self-management of mindset restructuring (cognitive restructuring).

Each Member is free to use MBL’s product and services for self-discovery and change, per their own self-design.  A MBL App Session connects Members with a chatbot designed to ask questions.  Upon the user answering each question, brain waves are measured to validate whether the answer triggered a  stress response.  If stress is detected, another question is asked to probe for an answer that does not produce a stress response (indicated by brain waves).  We do not treat, diagnose, prescribe, or tell Members what course of action to take. 

MBL Coaches are here to help our Members learn how to feel better by providing education, empathy, and knowledge about mindsets, support goals or help to change a barrier to them. The chatbot sessions ask probing questions to identify unconscious mindsets, bringing them to the surface (consciously).  Once mindsets are conscious, Members can choose whether to change them or not, using Self-Affirmation.

The MBL assessment and Self-change services available to a Member will depend upon each Member’s service enrollment.

 MBL Members will have access to the following service(s):

  • Cohort with up to 12 other Members to learn how to independently use the tools for self-assessment and self-change.
  • Community discussion(s) during the cohort with the ability to extend participation beyond the cohort.
  • Larger groups experiencing their first introduction to Cognitive Restructuring.
  • Immersive, in-person experiences in a retreat setting.
  • Private sessions, one-on-one with a virtual coach.
  • Chatbot sessions that use the EEG-enabled headset and the Meta-Brain Chatbot App.
    • Content access using the Chatbot is based upon subscription level.

Depending on the Member’s enrollment, MBL Coaches may:

  • Provide messaging support or telehealth services, via the MBL Platform, that are commensurate with the Member’s service selection.
  • Provide education, Self-change plan guidance, and coaching.
  • Respond to messaging within one business day, with education, empathy, and support.
  • May contact Members unsolicited.

For all services, and in accordance with applicable law and regulations:

  • Inform Members of when an MBL Coaches will be unavailable and offer Members alternative MBL Coaches with whom Members can receive services.
  • Review information provided by Members (e.g., activity, scores for screening measures) to inform coaching guidance.
  • Refer to and collaborate with external clinical and support resources when indicated and at the Member’s consent.


People in the MBL community care about you. We understand that emergencies arise in people’s lives. MBL is not intended to be used in an emergency or considered a replacement for emergency services. You agree that in case of emergency you will call 911 (in the US and Canada), 999 (if in the UK), 000 (Australia), or contact emergency services in your country, or go safely to your nearest emergency room.

As a requirement to access the MBL Chatbot Session Service, Members will need to provide MBL with their physical location at the time of Chatbot Session services and emergency contact information. Should Members refuse to provide an emergency contact, their local emergency number will be the default emergency contact.

Participation and Consent to Receive Services

You are providing consent with this enrollment agreement to a Meta-Brain Member Services and have the right to accept or decline any suggestions made by your MBL coach and/or Chatbot.  MBL does not guarantee results or self-change outcomes.  A chatbot session is helpful for most individuals, it may not benefit everyone but we offer the potential benefits described in this section.

Potential benefits from MBL services may be improving your understanding of how your unconscious mindsets direct your life and improving your behavior upon their reversal. You understand that there are also potential risks from engaging in MBL services, including, but not limited to, the experience of unpleasant emotions and the possibility that, despite your best efforts and the efforts of the MBL Coach, your behavior may not be improved. Attempting any program that offers change can stir up emotions you were unaware of before.  The program offered by MBL is a process and is your own unique experience. We are here to help you through these phases when enrolled in the program.

You understand that to receive effective Self-change, you will need to complete the screening process and progress questionnaires, to the best of your knowledge, with accurate, correct, and not false or misleading information.

You understand that for our MBL services to improve your Self-change experiences, you will be asked to provide us with feedback about your experience and needs throughout the term of your Cohort, community, private sessions and/or Chatbot Session services.

You understand that telehealth-based services may have limited capabilities compared to in-person services. You also understand that if your MBL Coach believes they cannot appropriately provide you with the necessary services via telehealth, the MBL Coach will make their best effort to refer you to another Coach or other mental health professional, if agreed to, who can provide you such services, via telehealth or in-person. MBL coaches have the right to terminate services with you if they do not have the expertise to provide you with appropriate services.

You may be asked for permission to participate in a recorded, live observation of your session along with providing your physical location. You understand that this would happen only with your consent, and its purpose would be to evaluate your Coach or to train new Coaches. Note that there is no obligation to consent to observation or recording, and should you choose to deny consent, there will be no penalty or consequence for your doing so. If the session is recorded, once viewed, it will be permanently deleted. If a session is observed for auditing purposes, your Coach would receive feedback about their performance and get tips for improving their delivery of a cohort or private session. If your session is observed, the observer(s) will have their camera and microphone turned off for the session to minimize any distractions.


Members are responsible for maintaining the security of their mobile devices or other electronic means used in accessing the MBL services. MBL strongly recommends using only password-protected device(s).

The content of the services is confidential. A record of digital and electronic communications with MBL will be maintained according to applicable law and cybersecurity guidelines. Clinical documentation may also be completed via a HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record (EMR) depending upon the services delivered. This information will not be shared with a third party outside of the MBL platform without the consent (Release of Information or ROI) of the Member or the Member’s authorized custodian or legal representative. Exceptions to confidentiality will be made in accordance with, or as required by law, and may include, but are not limited to, the following:

How about something like this? “Meta-Brain Labs is committed to making a positive impact and recognizes our MBL coaches’ profound responsibility in supporting members on their digital self-discovery and change journeys. The safety and well-being of our members is a priority for us. To achieve this, our MBL coaches will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to recognize and respond appropriately to sensitive situations they might become aware of during virtual interactions with members, such as child abuse, sexual battery, and vulnerable adult abuse. MBL coaches will receive in-depth training on the legal requirements for reporting child abuse, sexual battery, and vulnerable adult abuse and will be empowered to act accordingly. Our MBL coaches receive ongoing supervision and support from experienced mentors and supervisors available to discuss challenging cases. MBL will conduct periodic reporting compliance audits to verify that our coaches consistently adhere to the reporting guidelines and allow us to identify any areas for improvement.”


Members participating in cohorts are asked to keep the information learned within them confidential.  While you may want to share your experience with friends, family, and loved ones, we ask that you maintain the confidentiality of all other members by not identifying any member by name.  We can’t ask you to say anything but ask instead that you protect the identity of all cohort members if speaking about an event, situation, or other occurrence learned within your cohort.


Please be aware that the community on the MBL App is monitored 24/7. Comments made in the community on the MBL platform may be forwarded to your MBL Coach and/or MBL staff if the messages include subjects of intent to self-harm, intent to harm others, or satisfaction/dissatisfaction with your Coach. If you post anything that concerns the community (e.g., excessive reassurance-seeking, suicidal ideation, intimidating behavior, etc.), your Coach may also be informed of the post(s). Discussion within the community is confidential also.  You may elect to remain anonymous by creating a screen name and not sharing your identity with others.  If speaking with others outside of the community about what is being discussed inside the community, it should only be done without any member identification.

Private Sessions

Occasionally, you may elect to engage in a private session with a coach, virtually.  Privacy for Members is honored as it is in all interactions.  Your personal and private information is protected and not shared with anyone without your expressed permission or if, by law, we are required to divulge it.

Meta-Brain Chatbot App

The platform that drives the Meta-Brain Chatbot is HIPAA compliant.  This means your records are secured and unavailable to anyone outside technical, coach, and content managers who need to know employees without your express permission.  If we want to use your information in research, we will ask your permission and then anonymize your identity before its use.

Use of Technology

Members need to know that using technology may come with additional risks. These risks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The possibility of technology failure resulting in a MBL Coach not receiving Members’ messages/information/inability to provide services;
  • Text-based messaging communication increases the possibility of misunderstandings between the MBL Coaches and Members because of the absence of nonverbal/visual cues;
  • In the event of a technology failure during the session, your MBL Coach will make every attempt to re-engage you in the session. 

Though we take our commitment to confidentiality and data privacy very seriously and follow all applicable privacy laws and regulations such as HIPAA, confidentiality may be breached at many points when using electronic communication, including unauthorized monitoring/interception of transmissions. This means that unauthorized third parties could potentially access Members’ records/communication. By communicating with MBL Coaches via electronic methods, you understand and agree to these risks. If you have any questions regarding these risks before obtaining services from MBL, please email us by e-mail at

MBL Research Mission

To further advance MBL’s research mission, MBL collects de-identified data of Members. De-identified data has been removed. Please visit our website for more information on the MBL Research Mission and the MBL Ethics Council. After completing the MBL Chatbot Session protocol, MBL will contact you to complete voluntary assessment measures to see how you maintain your gains. 

You will also be sent surveys after your sessions, which are optional for you to complete. The survey results may be shared with your Coach/MBL staff to help them improve their work within the MBL process. 

Acknowledgment and Agreement

  • I understand that MBL is not intended to be used in an emergency or considered a replacement for emergency services or therapeutic services by a licensed professional.
  • I authorize MBL to conduct periodic quality assurance reviews of my services to ensure high-quality coaching.
  • I agree to pay for services determined by my service selection if not already covered by a sponsoring organization. 
  • I acknowledge that I can cancel my service enrollment anytime, but payment will be due in full for any used services.  
  • I agree to pay the full session fee if I cancel a private appointment less than 48 hours before the session or if I do not show up for my appointment. 
  • I agree that de-identified data can be collected for research purposes.
  • I understand that I am responsible for choosing a private, secure, and distraction-free location when using MBL Chatbot Session services.
  • I understand that I am responsible for having secure, reliable internet service, updating the MBL app, and having technology that supports the most current version.
  • I have had the opportunity to ask and have my questions answered (Contact Us at
  • I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the MBL Chatbot Session Enrollment Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.
  • I consent to receive services through MBL.

Billing Consent

Method of payment:

  • I authorize MBL to charge the credit card I provided for payment for MBL’s services and any cancellation or other fees I may incur, as discussed in this agreement.

Cancellations and Other Fees:

I acknowledge that I can cancel my service enrollment anytime, but payment will be due in full for any provided services.

I agree to provide at least 48 hours’ notice if I need to cancel a private coaching appointment, if any.