Intro Package


Your coaching session using the EEG headset is best accomplished after your receive your headset and charge it.  It comes with a video explaining use but its helpful to have a coach walk you through the process of identifying core beliefs to tackle.  Then, once you do a few, you will understand the process and be able to continue on yourself without assistance.  However, we do offer ongoing mindset coaching support and cohorts to continue your journey to discover your true self, after rolling back beliefs you’ve adopted without choice.  Reframing them to what YOU want is the whole goal of mindset shifting.  It’s powerful and much needed in the world.




This intro package will help you get started on your journey to self by including the EEG headset to measure your brain waves while you text with a Chatbot that helps you discover and change self-defeating thoughts that drive unwanted behavior.  Included also is a 60-day trial of the App with many self-improvement programs.  You will also receive a 1-hour session with a mindset coach to ensure you will be able to use the product successfully on your own.  As needed, you can also book extra sessions with a coach and/or join on of our cohorts.



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