Cohort 3: Identity Discovery, Design & Development


Enroll in a six-week cohort program featuring 2-hour Zoom sessions with a maximum of 12 participants. In this close-knit group, you’ll collaboratively identify and overcome obstacles to attain a more fulfilling life. To participate, you’ll need our EEG-enabled headset for use with the Meta-Brain Chatbot App. The program includes access to various programs, along with the creation of customized programs tailored to address your specific challenges.

Dates:  Sept 28 & Oct 5, 12, 19, 26 & Nov 2

Time:  Noon-2pm (Thursday)

Location:  Zoom 

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Six, 2-hour weekly cohort zooms

You will map your journey to Self by first starting with identifying where you are today with yourself, your life, and your goals.   Following this your coach will assign you programs to complete with the Meta-Brain Chatbot between Zoom meetings (once per week for six weeks).  You will also have other assignments to learn why the process of mindset restructuring is so successful.  View the curriculum below.


Week 1: Awareness. 

  • Intro to Identity and Self concept. Who are you and who do you want to be? What do you want in your life that is missing and how can you intentionally achieve it?
  • How to use the Adaptive theory model of mindset restructuring to shift thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are not achieving what you intend.
  • Focus on separating reactive thoughts from circumstances, identifying unconscious mindsets that thwart intentional thinking.
  • Homework will include journaling as members learn to listen to reationary mindsets and learning about the science, background and underlying theories to introduce the Meta-Brain Chatbot


Week 2: Goal Journey Mapping ~ Goals and Purpose. 

  • Program overview and Initial program and taking questions on use of Meta-Brain Chatbot.
  • Introduce the workbook.
  • Write goals for overall identity.
  • Questions to uncover identity.
  • Talk about how we decide who we are and what defines us.
  • Offer that identity is a choice and all improvement efforts start with identity.
  • This is a journey, without a destination. It is the lifestyle of being aware, of observing oneself and learning to feel. Embrace all feelings and understand their roots in thought to transform your life experience.
  • Taking responsibility for all thoughts and feelings.
  • Connect the thought-feeling-action-outcome to take ownership for your life.
  • Homework will include the beginning of the first program (about identity) using the Meta-Brain Chatbot to discover misaligned mindsets, focused on achieving goals


Week 3: Pillar 1 – Wellness and Identity. 

  • What do you believe about wellness? How do you prioritize it? What do you think of when it comes to wellness in your own life? What feels good to you? What feels normal? What matters when it comes to your health and wellness? Physical and emotional.
  • Wellness introduction and specific applications of health & wellness in regard to identity
    • Taking care of your body: individual focus and goal to optimize health and wellness
    • What/When/Why to eat
    • Exercise – how to find your perfect fit
    • Hydration
    • Sleep
    • Stress management and the impact of stress on the body
      • Circle back to mindset restructuring; doing so, reframing thought patterns reduces stress
  • Homework will include the beginning of the second program (about Wellness) using the Meta-Brain Chatbot to discover misaligned mindsets, focused on achieving goals


 Week 4: Pillar 2 – Self Care, Relationship with Self Identity.

  • Time with self, care of self, self talk,
  • Journaling and quiet time
  • Self care routines: what they are and why we need them
  • Understanding and connecting with yourself
  • Taking care of yourself as the most important person in your life
  • Homework will include the beginning of the third program (about Self Care) using the Meta-Brain Chatbot to discover misaligned mindsets, focused on achieving goals


Week 5: Pillar 3 – Self Image as it Relates to Identity.

  • How do you see yourself? What do you think about yourself as you relate to the world and others? How do you describe yourself and what do you think matters? What is important to you? How do you believe others see you and why?
  • We’ll learn about connecting with your future self and understanding your past self
  • You’ll learn how to feel confident in times of uncertainty
  • You’ll learn how to decide who you show up as with intention and purpose
  • Homework will include the beginning of the fourth program (about Self Image) using the Meta-Brain Chatbot to discover misaligned mindsets, focused on achieving goals


Week 6: Debrief Growth Path for each Member

  • Listen to each and recommend next steps.
    • Join a community
    • Take private sessions
    • Join another cohort

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Sept 11, 18, 25, Oct 2, 9 & 16 (9am-11am PST)


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