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Some may opt to address a mindset that seems stuck. Private appointments are to help you in any way you need, when you need it. These appointments are typically open to those with the Meta-Brain Chatbot App and headset but discovery appointments are also welcomed. We are here to jump start your journey to Self.
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Intro Package!

Learn about your mind and how you have the power to change unwanted thoughts, feeling or behaviors. This Intro package includes your EEG-headset, a 60-day subscription to the App filled with programs and a one hour session with a professional mindset coach to jumpstart your path to Self!
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Immersive Mindset Shifting

Intensive mindset shifting weekend. Dig into your unconscious mind and find the mindsets that hold you back, reverse them and watch your future unfold beyond your wildest dreams.

This retreat is also Founder Alexandrea’s final one. She is training and certifying coaches at this retreat so millions can get help with mindset shifting in the coming years.

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