Kim Askey Strasser, Coach

6-Week Mindset Shifting Cohort

Identity Discovery, Design & Development
This 6-week cohort, limited to 12 participants, will guide each member on a self-discovery journey to establish goals and shift mindsets to create a long-term lifestyle of self-discovery and change.  Humans are limited by their mindsets.  We all have barriers to achievement because of self-limiting beliefs.  MetaBrain Self helps identify those that need changing (specific to each person) to reach their goals. Each 2-hour Zoom meeting is a collaboration among the members as they learn how to tap into their unconscious minds and identity and change mindsets that compel innate, unwanted reactions.  Members will also learn how to listen to unconscious thoughts that reveal mindsets that just aren’t working.  After the course, you will have a plan of action to continue forward that includes digital tools to drive the continual pursuit of your goals.