Advanced Self-Development

November 18-19 (Saturday-Sunday) – Bellevue, WA

We are excited to offer in-person events for those that already live a self-improvement lifestyle and are looking for deeper, faster, re-versioning of Self.

  • Our focus is 100% on mindset restructuring (changing mindsets to align with goals)
  • Enhance communication with your unconscious mind
  • Personalized purpose discovery
  • Building partnership between your conscious mind with your unconscious mind
  • Become the leader, director of your life

What to Bring

We will be in a healing environment.  As we heal we often have realizations that don’t feel very good.  But it’s the process and if you’ve been in personal growth for some time you know the process.  It will be no different at this retreat.  So, please bring your comfort clothes, shoes, blanket, pillow or whatever it is that makes your feel safe and nurtured.  

  • There is no dress code; come as you are
  • Consider bringing a journal
  • Socks are just fine rather than shoes
  • Please keep fragrances to a minimum and no fragrances if at all possible
  • The Seattle area is known for abrupt weather changes so bring layers

Food & Beverages

We plan to break bread together over the two days to bond the group.  We will provide healthy food that respects dietary restrictions.  Please be sure to let us know when you book your seat.  If you want some snack foods or beverages please feel free to bring them.

What to Expect

We will start getting to know each other intimately.  We’ll share our life stories, wins and losses.  Then we’ll start into the areas of self-discovery where you have made progress but need additional help to make the change in your unconscious mind that you often find yourself fighting against.  That, at the core, is what we do.  You’ll learn to measure your brainwaves while you do your discovery and notice when you are on the right track or being misled by our conscious mind.  While you will each receive personal help you will also learn from the experience of others.  Some break-off sessions will be available as group sessions as we learn together to make unconscious mindset discovery fun, effective, and healing.

Prior to attending you will receive learning materials to prepare you for the adventure.  


Feel free to carpool or Uber to and from the airport, hotel, etc.  Parking is $21 per day at the retreat location.  We plan to pick this cost up but would ask that if you can car share or walk from your accommodation, please do so.


There are many accommodations available in Bellevue, WA and the surrounding area including hotels and Airbnb stay locations.  If you wish to share with someone please contact us and we will connect you with others seeking to share as well.

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The cost to attend the 2-day, in-person mindset makeover retreat is $2500.  This includes everything except travel and accommodation.  

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Admission Criteria

The immersive mental makeover retreats are for those that are already established in a self-improvement lifestyle and are looking to fast-track specific mindsets that hold you back. This hands-on experience will help you identify and reverse self-defeating mindsets that you know hold you back.  This course is not meant for anyone in crisis or anyone that is just getting started.  We will push you to dig deep, push aside denial and do some really great mental mindset work together.

  • Be ready for big change
  • Leave fear at the door and know you are in a safe place
  • Be ready to process and let go
  • Trust the group and know we are in this together
  • There is no shame or reason to hide; nothing is your fault


The location for the Mindset Makeover Retreat is in central Bellevue, WA, across Lake Washington from Seattle.  You can take a shuttle to the Bellevue area and then walk or Uber to the Retreat location.

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