About Mindset Restructuring

Mindset Restructuring (mindset shifting) is grounded in science, specifically in Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is the most successful, helpful process for people to “feel better,” and make progress in intentional living.  However, according to Alexandrea Day, Founder of Adaptive Therapy, “It’s way too slow and too reliant on therapists, to be helpful to very many people.”  As a result, Alexandrea condensed and reverse-engineered the process into an App and replaced the therapist with an EEG-enabled headset that is Blue-tooth connected to the App, to offer a conversation with Self, to restructure mindsets that act as a barrier to stated goals.

Alexandrea is committed to helping humanity achieve a better life course that is equitable, kind, and rewarding.  Her 40 years of work as a clinician, educator, and innovator have led to the development of a method to help people at scale to perform mindset restructuring on themselves.  Her journey traversed from a therapeutic practice to software development and as a result, she is developing the “pocket therapist,” that will lead to affordable help led by the user themselves.  Today the innovation is in its infancy but highly productive in accessing and discovering what mindsets thwart goals and then providing a method to reverse them in just two weeks.

We welcome everyone to explore their unconscious mind that determines their life experience and to improve the mindsets held in it. You will be surprised at your own effortlessness in any situation that used to cause distress.

Alexandrea is coaching and empowering her work through the minds and hands of trusted coaches so that this work is not lost to the world ahead.

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