questions from our customers

Q:  Do I need a headset to use the MetaBrain Chatbot?

A:  Yes.  You can try the MetaBrain Chatbot for free, but it will not give you any information about your unconscious mind.

Q:  Is the MetaBrain Chatbot combined with the EEG headset, like a Polygraph?

A:  Yes.  The EEG headset provides brain wave data to the MetaBrain platform in real-time, while a user is answering a question, to detect stress when a user claims what they are saying is true. This is the same process used by a Polygraph.

Q:  Why is detecting truth important?

A:  It’s important to those who want to know if what they believe consciously is true unconsciously.  We lie to ourselves and others every day (science substantiates this) so that it becomes a pattern of just “leaving well enough alone.”  For those seeking deeper meaning in life, this tool is for them.  Those who are happy with who and where they are in life won’t find this truth-revealing device appealing.

Q:  Do you offer a guarantee?

A:   Yes.  If you purchase the headset and an annual subscription and are not satisfied with it within 30 days, you can return both for a full refund.

Q:  What does a person need to do to be successful using the product?

A:  Patience is paramount for two reasons.  1) It takes work to identify and change mindsets that you have held for a long time.  2) It takes patience with yourself, knowing it’s a lifelong journey, not a few sessions to fix yourself.  Life is a process and so is the process to change one’s life.

Q:  Who is this MetaBrain Chatbot for?

A:  It is for those who want to delve into their collection of mindsets and are ready to shift the ones that will make a difference in their lives.  For example, believing that everyone is out to get you will lead to:  Everyone being out to get you.  So, to resolve this you would remove that mindset and replace it with what you want, probably something like, “Everyone is out to help me.”

Q:  Is the MetaBrain Chatbot based on science?

A:  Yes.  The QA Chatbot experience is much like a QA with a counselor, coach, or therapist where you are in partnership to identify maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, with the goal of finding out why.  The MetaBrain Chatbot is to speed discovery and change so that a person does not have to spend years trying to “fix” what they can’t find.  This product is a lifeline for many.

Q:  I notice you offer lots of coaching in private sessions and cohorts, etc.  Do I need a coach to figure out how to use the MetaBrain Chatbot?

A:  No.  But, if you want to be efficient with your discovery and change, and get support on custom programs, you will want to connect with a coach here and there. If you are a self-starter with years of self-improvement under your belt, you might be just fine in a grab-and-go situation.  We just want success for all and know how much help a coach can offer, so we only ask that you sincerely consider at least one session.

Q:  Are there tips that would help a newbie use the MetaBrain Chatbot?

A:  Yes, see this list of tips to help your effort to receive benefits from the MetaBrain Chatbot.  Go to Tips!

Q:  Is the MetaBrain Chatbot powered with AI?

A:  Not yet.  But it will be in certain instances such as prediction suggestions that will help you along your self-discovery process.  It will also be used to humanize the chatbot.  MetaBrain Labs has formed its Ethics Council to ensure the appropriate implementation of AI and its data governance plan.

Q:  Is the MetaBrain Chatbot not good for anyone?

A:  We do not recommend that anyone in crisis use the MetaBrain Chatbot.  If a person is experiencing suicidal thoughts or self-harm, we direct such users to contact help immediately.  The MetaBrain Chatbot is so sensitive when it measures brain waves that if a person is too “stressed out,” they will not even be able to perform a session with the chatbot.  The baseline requires a non-stressed reading and a stressed reading so if a person is stressed, they cannot continue and will be told so by the chatbot.

Q:  Can I share my headset and programs with a friend or family member?

A:  Yes and no.  You can share the EEG headset, but each account requires the purchase of the annual fee to have access to all programs and the ability to request custom programs.

Q:  I have a Muse headset.  Can I use it with your programs?

A:  Not yet.  We intend to integrate our platform and App with the Muse EEG headset, but this has not been completed yet.  Contact us to request access when we offer the integration with Muse.